• At Eager Beavers, we support the child's individuality and help them realize their potential by integrating early childhood education with a stimulating and enriching environment.
  • Our curriculum primarily follows the Multiple Intelligence Approach and is inspired by the best educational practices across the globe.
  • Our Theme based curriculum ensures development in the following areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Creative Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language & Literacy
  • Mathematical Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The Eager Beavers curriculum helps each child in building the foundation towards developing a good sense of self esteem and self worth. Our curriculum unfolds the child's true abilities & potential through play, as play is the vehicle that drives every child's learning.

We believe in making the early childhood experience rich and letting the child be in touch with the nature and use all the senses to explore and express themselves.

Our overarching goal is to develop free, morally responsible, and integrated individuals equipped with a high degree of social competence.

The Eager Beavers curriculum

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