A good way to bring professional expertise to the care and development of your toddler! An excellent way to bond with your toddler with fun and learning activities while our experts help you bring up the apple of your eye with absolute confidence.
It is also a great place to meet new friends.


A jumpstart for our Baby Beavers fresh on their feet, into a new wonderful world!
A program where we nurture the young minds and develop their social skills,
thus enabling them to interact and form meaningful relationships with peers and teachers.


A questioning age with an eagerness to perform challenging tasks! Our Busy Beavers Program provides the required thrust to the older preschoolers. Here, our Busy Beavers are introduced to various concepts, which go a long way in shaping their personality and thinking skills.


A versatile and a curious personality ready to be molded as the fine citizens of tomorrow!

A rich program provided to our Junior & Senior Beavers to help them understand the Why and the Hows of various concepts covered. Our Junior & Senior Beavers are given ample exploration and experimentation time to comprehend and learn topics making a strong base for the Formal schooling.

DAY GUARDIAN Age: 6 months to 6 years

Home away from home for our Little Beaver Friends.

Our Day Care Program puts an end to your parental worries while you’re busy at work.
The warm & cozy environment at our Day Care, caring and helpful teachers and
nannys take utmost efforts to keep your child engaged in productive play while
nurturing his food and resting requirements through the day. We’re just second to mom.