I am very happy with the school, curriculum, and teachers. A good job done by all. All the best!!!
Deepali - Mother of Prisha

Zayin’s language has improved greatly during this year & he has picked up lot of English words from the teachers. He is almost at par with his big brother. Appreciate the efforts by Eager Beavers team.
Nisha Jacob - Mother of Zayin, Roose, Korah

My daughter does not speak yet but keeps singing all rhymes, saying numbers, months of the year, colors, etc. I appreciate the effort made by the teachers. Keep it up & all the best!!!
Swati Kachroo - Mother of Shivika

She likes going to school.
Fatima Zohra Athar - Mother of Qadisah

Extremely happy with my child’s progress. All the best & Keep it up. Thank You!!
Lizan D’Souza - Mother of Ashnil

We couldn’t be happier about his school. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.
Nandini Paligath - Mother of Govind

We are very happy with the way she has developed. Big thanks to your team…Keep it up!
Amandeep Kaur - Mother of Eksimar

We are happy with all aspects of the school especially with the extra care with which teachers handle small children.
Ashwini Poojary

As parents, we would like to thank the entire staff of Eager Beavers for making Travis a part of their family and giving him the love & knowledge, which will always be cherished.
Juliana Fouseca - Mother of Travis

Big thanks to all the teachers. We are very happy with the way my son, Craig has developed. We are truly happy with the school. Keep up the good work.
Jucel - Mother of Craig

Proud to see my son getting his graduation certificate today. A very big thank you to all the teachers and everyone involved in shaping Arthur’s future. Keep up the good work.
Savio Barnes - Father of Arthur

Yohaan loves to go to the school. The ambience at Eager Beavers is fantastic and it’s great to see all the teachers always smiling & enthusiastic; great job & I am proud of the fact that my son is an Eager Beaver!
Warren Howem - Father of Yohaan

Thank you for taking care of her. The toys are great. Proud to be a part of Eager Beavers.
Sanjam - Gulpreet Kaur

I really had a good experience at Eager Beavers. Teachers here are parents first and teachers later. I could actually see intellectual development in my child. Thank you Eager Beavers for taking good care of my child.
Shambhavi Sairam

A good experience for Aaradhya. Great team. Thank you for all the support & care.
Aaradhya Nair